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NOTE: The tapes come from a variety of sources, including non- professionals who recorded the lectures for personal use.
Thus, the quality of the recordings may vary from one tape to another.

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3517 Kabbalat Shabbat – Its Origin and Meaning 2/6/90

3518 Nittel Night – The Ninth Day of Tevet – The Jewish Pope 2/13/90

3519 Geshem versus Gashem 2/20/90

3520 Jewish Myths and Folklore – The Golem of Prague 2/27/90

3521 The Meshumad – Portrait of Moses 11/19/90

3522 The Emden-Eibeschuetz Controversy 11/12/90

3523 Teshuva – Kapparot 9/14/913524 Torah Min Ha-Shamayim 5/15/93

3525 The Bible, Talmud, and Archaeology 8/93

3526 The Emergence of Modern Orthodoxy in Germany                   

3527 Forgers and Forgeries Relating to Talmudic Literature 10/24/93

3528 Hellenism and Judaism 11/13/93

3529 The Bible, the Talmud, and the Dead Sea Scrolls 1994

3530 Theodicy (zaddik ve-ra lo; rasha ve-tov lo)

3531 Torah and Derekh Eretz in the Land of Israel 6/5/96

3532 The Ban on Secular Study in Jerusalem 6/22/96

3533 Rav Kook and the Assassination of Hayyim Arlozorov 6/18/96

3534 Who is Buried in the Vilna Gaon’s Tomb? 2/7/97

3535 The Vilna Gaon’ Letter to R. Yonatan Eibeschuetz 1/18/98           

3536 Two Types of Teshuva (delivered at Lincoln Square) 9/8/96

3537 Moral Issues Relating to the Holocaust
(same as B3 from the 1997 Jewish Heritage Trip)

3538 Truth and Fiction about the Holocaust 8/22/97

3539 Kotzo Shel Yod (delivered at West Side Synagogue) 11/22/98

3540 Some Samples of Modern Jewish Literary Censorship 5/12/99

3541 East European Rabbinic Responses to Modernity 11/8/99

3542 Torah and Derekh Eretz (Lord Jakobovits Memorial Lecture) 2/26/99

3543 Asarah Harugei Malkhut (West Side) 3/7/00
3545 Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz (West Side) 5/6/01

3546 Portraits of Rabbis in Sifrei Kodesh (Queens) 3/8/03
(was given as a slide presentation)
3547 A History of Lag Ba-Omer (NYC) 5/03     

3548 Did R. Yisrael Salanter Make Kiddush on Yom Kippur? 12/14/03

3549 Nikkur, Rabbinic Error, and Hearsay 5/02/04

3550 The Ger Tzedek: Fact or Fiction (Fifth Avenue Synagogue) 6/8/05

3551 Sheloshim for Rabbi H.I. Leiman
(speakers include Rabbis Quinn, Karp, and Schwartz)

3552 The Attitude of the Hatam Sofer to Moses Mendelssohn (OZ) 5/16/07

3553 How Not to Remember the Holocaust (YIKGH) 5/4/08


OU Conference

The Mesorah of Kosher Birds and Animals 3 tapes 5/2/04

2003 Tour

Budapest, Pressburg, Vienna, Prague 3 tapes


1. The Biblical Canon and Text Sephardic Institute 1/10/96

2. The Aleppo Codex Controversy Sephardic Institute 1/10/96

3. Pronunciation Controvery Sephardic Institute 2/7/96

4. Book of Susanna Sephardic institute 2/7/96

5.Orthodox Responses to Biblical Criticism 1/14/97

6. Professor Cassuto and the Aleppo Codex 5/17/00


Jewish Heritage Trip to Eastern Europe
(tour B) August 16-27, 1997

B1. Frankfurt, Lodz, Treblinka, Tiktin.

B2.  Tiktin, Warsaw Ghetto and Jewish cemetery, Vilna.

B3. Lecture on Moral Issues of the Holocaust.

B4. Volozhin, Mir, Radin.

B5. Vilna, Troki, Kovno.

B6. Kovno, Aleksot, Slabodka.

B7. Haditch and the Baal Ha-Tanya.

B8. Kiev, Babi Yar, Uman, Baal Shem Tov..

B9. Berditchev, Mezhibezh, Annopol, tales about Rav Kook and
the Seredei Eish.

B10. Lvov, Zholkva, Belz.

Jewish Heritage Tour to Eastern Europe
(tour A) August 4-12, 1996

1. Frankfurt am Main.

2. Mainz, Worms.

3. Emden-Eibeschuetz  Controversy.

4. Hamburg, Altona.

5a. Prague

5b. Prague

6. Golem of Prague.

7. Pressburg, Cracow.

8. Cracow.

9. Truth and Fiction about the Holocaust.

10. Cracow, Lancut, Lejansk, Lublin.

11. Ger, Kotzk.

12. Warsaw.

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SL1 tapes 3517-3529            $15

SL2 tapes 3530-3546            $15

SL3 tapes 3547-3552            $15

SL4 Bible, tapes 1-6              $15

Jewish Heritage Tour to Eastern Europe: Tour A 2CDs 1996            $30

Jewish Heritage Tour to Eastern Europe: Tour B 1CD 1997            $15           


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